Our story

mitte® was founded with a pioneering spirit and visionary aim: to improve life — with better water.

In late 2015, Moritz met Faebian, and the pair bonded over a shared vision to make water better. The problem was this: the water we drink, as essential to life as the air we breath, is increasingly unsafe and impure. Conventional home water systems are often ineffective and inefficient, using wasteful, non-durable filters. The plastic bottled water industry meanwhile, generates mind-blowing levels of unsustainable waste at a staggering rate (in the time it takes to read this paragraph 2 million plastic bottles will be used in the U.S. alone). Determined to find a way to make better water — eliminating the need for plastic bottles and revolutionizing the way we drink water at home in the process, Moritz and Faebian founded mitte.

In the first instance, mitte believes that pure water is vital to your best life. It leaves you healthier, feeling good, and nourished with life-affirming energy.

So, we took our inspiration directly from nature, using vaporization and a cooling process to perfectly distill the water into its purest possible form (in fact: our water is 60x cleaner than conventional table top pitchers). By infusing the water with minerals and other botanicals, and self-adapting to usage patterns, mitte not only produces higher-quality, better-functioning water but does it in a sustainable way, nourishing your body, while protecting the planet.

We also believe everyone has the right to safe water.

Almost 800 million people worldwide lack access to clean, healthy water. To help address this problem, we ensure that for every litre of mitte water you drink, a donation is made to a water project in the developing world.

We are Mitte. We are improving life — with better water.


Founded by the end of 2015
Permanent team members: 10
Nationalities of team members: 8
Generations of prototypes built so far: 5 (if you don’t count the completely failed 5 previous versions)
Hours spent laser cutting, 3D printing and CNC milling: 872

The mitte team is made up of an extraordinary group of engineers and business developers from all over the world: Our team members are English, Austrian, Brazilian, Spanish, Argentine, and German. We are backed by like-minded investors, among them Atlantic Food Labs, who are equally as enthusiastic about our quest as we are. Together, we are committed to the vision of making mitte available for everyone.

Our Team 01/01
Moritz Waldstein-Wartenberg CEO
team member
Dr. Faebian Bastiman CTO
team member
Moritz König Mechanical Design Engineer
team member
Fernando Fernandes Quality Management Engineer
team member
José Luis Holgado Embedded Software Engineer
team member
Paula Montaldi Business Development
team member
Shweta Krishna Karampudi Junior Mechanical Engineer
team member
Stefanie Sand Water Researcher
team member
Enikő Rozsnyói Business Development
team member
Benjamin Beck Product Designer
team member