Every child has the right to clean water
Health By James — Date 11.10.2016

The Right to Clean Water: Our 1-for-1 Water Guarantee

Every time you drink, we'll ensure someone in need does too

At Mitte, improving life with better water is our guiding vision. Our fundamental what-for.

So we’ve been working hard to make it easy for people to purify and vitalize daily drinking water at home. As thrilled as we are about the appliance we’ve developed to do this – it is already generating pure and healthy water of a high quality – we’re just as excited about our 1-for-1 clean water guarantee.

First, a little recap: we started Mitte in Berlin in 2015. Our founders, Moritz and Faebian, connected around the idea that clean, healthy water should be easily accessible for all and that drinking water should be as vitalized and nutrient rich as it can possibly be. Oh, and plastic waste – we see the plastic bottle as an untenable and wasteful concept and we wanted to offer people a smarter alternative for storing water.

So, to achieve all this we’ve engineered a state-of-the art machine that does what no other countertop system can do. Inspired by nature’s vaporization process, our system not only purifies but vitalizes tap water, producing cleaner, healthier water at the push of a button.

But there’s more. We’re not only on a quest to revolutionize how people drink water, we’re on a mission to make this revolution sustainable and inclusive.

We’re deeply committed to water justice

And so, we developed a 1-for-1 clean water guarantee. We’re making you the promise that for every liter of Mitte water you drink, someone in need will get safe water too.

Right now in the world, 159 million people are getting water from untreated surface water and streams. A further 663 million people lack any access to safe water. Rural water projects in the developing world meanwhile are failing at a rate of 20 to 40 percent.

With our 1-for-1 guarantee we want to help change some of these shocking figures and tangibly improve more lives with better water. We’ve designed our machine so that it tracks usage and every time a user drinks a liter of water the user provides a small donation to a water project in developing countries. This happens automatically and is built in. No extra action needed by the user. The Mitte app meanwhile, will make sharing water a communal and exiting task, sharing “live” updates of water provided by the user, by the regional community (e.g. all users in Berlin) and by all Mitte users globally. We will make it easy for users to see where projects are being implemented and see the positive impact generated.

Right now, we are in the midst of talks with global NGO partners. We’ll select the best partner to ensure Mitte users can generate maximum positive social impact, and our vision of improving life with better water becomes a reality.

However we work out the finer details, the concept of 1-for-1 lies at the heart and soul of our mission.  >> Click to Tweet <<

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