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Sustainability By Clara Lu — Date 04.18.2017

Smart water machine: A key device of the smart home of the future

As IoT increases in popularity and viability, the development of smart technology has reached an aggressive pace.

New intelligent devices are reaching consumers on a daily basis. Amid this growth, there remains the core need for human and environmental sustainability, efficiency, and improving quality of life for users.

Many in the private sector have explored products such as smart home hubs, Wi-Fi-enabled window shades, smart televisions, robot butlers, smart ovens, biosolar roofs, and many more.

Perhaps it’s time we consider another feat of engineering that has been overlooked so far – a smart water machine that is responsible for dispensing daily drinking water in a household. An appliance for the kitchen, its importance and necessity rivals any other products in a smart home of the future.

Examining the functions of a smart water machine

Besides ensuring the purity and safety of the water dispensed, let’s explore why a smart and connected water machine makes a whole lot of sense for the home of the future.

1. Active sensors

Sensors are a critical piece of the IoT infrastructure. In a smart water machine, they take continuous measurements including water quality, level, and flow.

These data go a long way in ensuring that water distribution and dispense is managed effectively without compromising on quality. A smart water machine is designed to gather meaningful and actionable data about a household’s daily drinking water.

2. Quick and easy data collection and analysis

Data collection from the machine can understand context and provide analytics that are useful for the following purposes:

  • Learn daily routines of users and get attuned to water drinking habits and preferences.
  • Detect and pinpoint issues throughout the water system, on a micro (individual households) and macro (districts and cities) level. For example, the machine could detect if the pipes in the house are contaminated with lead. It can also aggregate user data and provide macro data on water quality.
  • Gives Mitte engineers insights into the usage of the system and helps us to optimize and increase its efficiency.
  • Make automatic adjustments to machine to improve user experience over time.

3. Seamless communication

Connectivity – both with other smart devices and with users – allows for a deeper layer of interaction and value-add for the user.

When it speaks with and has access to data points from other devices such as your smart body analyzer or your smartphone app, the smart water machine can work in tandem and do more to personalize user experiences based on the context.

For instance, when it’s connected to your Fitbit wearable, it can remind you to drink different mineralized water at different points in time based on your hydration intake and workout intervals to maximize your health and wellbeing.


Benefits of a smart water system

1. Safety

Maintaining the safety and purity of drinking water remains a priority of a smart water machine. It detects and monitors water qualities, purify tap water, enhances it with essential minerals to boost health and well-being, and ensures that all contaminants are removed and also kept out.

2. Automated personalization

A smart water system will be intelligent enough to distinguish between family members and adapt to individual needs via wearables or (in the future potentially even) biometrics.

The potential is huge. Imagine a water purifier that dispenses cool and high mineralized water after you complete an intensive workout session, and immediately warm, low mineralized water for your baby’s meal without you having to do anything!

3. Control at your fingertips

With real-time information at your fingertips, you can take control and optimize every part of your daily water drinking routine based on your personal preferences, daily activities, weather, health conditions..making everyday living easier, more convenient and more comfortable.

4. Increased efficiency

A smart water machine can also provide energy efficiency savings by operating at a reduced level of functionality and only turn up performance when commands are given, or when you are in close proximity. Its default operating mode would be “eco-mode”, balancing out optimal performance with energy efficiency.

5. Convenience and sustainability

The device can also facilitate the automatic re-ordering and delivery of fresh mineral cartridges whenever required so that these replacements are based on personal usage and individual need. It also encompasses a sustainability element by replacing the need for continual purchase of bottled water over time, thus reducing plastic waste.


A smart home is not complete without a smart water machine

IoT brings the dream of a home that runs itself to life – restocking groceries, maximizing energy efficiency, performing household chores, and personalizing your drinking water

As can be seen, a smart water machine is a key device in the smart home ecosystem.

At Mitte, we are building a first of it’s kind connected appliance that unites water purification with mineralization, giving you personalized and healthy water right in your home. Currently, our device partially fulfils the benefits of a smart water machine mentioned above.

We are on the path to bridging fantasy and reality by creating a truly intelligent device. One that pre-empts your needs even before you form those thoughts in your mind, and save you time and resources in ways that have never occurred to you before – all while operating seamlessly in the background without intrusion or disruption to your daily activities.

By approaching it with a human-centric focus, every little feature we add to it creates a green field of opportunities to the user. With this, we are optimistic about introducing smart technology into your home.


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