News By Aga Szalasny — Date 02.28.2018

Mitte’s first community event

Last Friday, we hosted our very first community event at our office in Berlin.

Besides having a fantastic time, it was also an important milestone for us – it was the first time we met our early supporters and backers in person, and received valuable insights and feedback from them.

During the event, our guests had a chance to try Mitte water, got to know everyone in the team, test out our fully functional prototype, and asked any questions they had about our product. Here are some highlights from the evening:

Tech demo by Faebian

During the session, our CTO, Dr. Faebian Bastiman gave a product demo. He presented our core technology: the patent-pending distillation unit that is embedded in Mitte, and explained in detail how the machine reproduces the natural water cycle through the process of distillation and mineralization.

App security and features walkthrough with Marissa

Then Marissa Mocenigo, our Head of Software, shared some valuable insights about the Mitte app and its features. Our backers seemed interested to know that the app also provides assistance for troubleshooting and maintenance for example, notifying the user about when the cartridge needs to be replaced. She also talked about the importance of system security, and that her team’s focus is to secure all connections between the machine, cloud and app, so that our user data is always kept safe.

Paula’s update on mineral cartridges

Next, Paula Montaldi from the Business Development team talked about the importance of our mineral cartridges in creating healthy drinking water*. Cartridges are a crucial part of the Mitte ecosystem, since during the distillation process, both contaminants and the good stuff like  minerals are removed from water. The cartridges are then able to add essential minerals back in into the purified water. Paula also described how our three cartridges differ from each other, and that each of them is to suit individual needs and lifestyle – users can choose if they prefer a clean balanced everyday water (Balance cartridge), a sophisticated high mineral hit (Vitality cartridge), or high PH water for detox and fitness (Alkaline cartridge).

Tea-making workshop

Our program for the evening also included a green tea workshop conducted by our partner, Mamecha. Located in the heart of Berlin, they seek to share their love for Japanese teas with the local crowd. Hinako Matsumoto, a tea specialist, ran a session on how to make the perfect cup of Sencha, including detailed steps and lesser-known tips. She also used our app during the workshop to set up the right temperature (72 degrees Celsius) and volume (90ml to 160ml for a cup) to prepare good green tea. At the end, everyone had a taste of different types of Japanese teas.

This event was very valuable to us – it was our first attempt to bring the Mitte community together, and we were thrilled to get to know like-minded individuals. It was great to find out that more and more people nowadays are concerned about the quality of water they drink, and that they are looking for sustainable ways to improve their health and well-being. Here Mira speaks about what motivated her to buy Mitte: 

We want to say a heartfelt word of thanks to everyone who participated. We cannot wait to host similar events for our community in the future, both in Berlin and in other cities around the world.

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