Water By Jeffrey — Date 07.18.2018

Introducing #MitteWaterStories

Join us as we highlight how humans have interacted with water throughout history.

It’s undeniable that water, composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen, is an essential building block for life on earth. It’s a guiding force, as well as fundamentally crucial to our survival as a species.

For humans, water has been interwoven into all cultures since the dawn of civilization; impacting the aspects of how, where and when our settlements were developed, and further, how much of a population it could sustain.

Overall, how important is water to our collective development?

And more so, how significant will it become in the following decades as we deal with pressing environmental and social concerns?

Using #MitteWaterStories, we’ll share our insights with you: highlighting the cultural and historical uses of water, the impact on overall society and what we have learned (or should have learned) with our complicated yet beautiful relationship with water.

Throughout our global history, especially modern history, we’ve used water in limitless ways: to power; to protest; to harvest; to worship; to play; to clean; to travel and explore; to punish; and of course to hydrate, among others.

And in the first of a Mitte series, we’ll investigate the various ways water has been used: good, bad, neutral – as well as the situations in-between.

At Mitte, we value sustainable, healthy water* that gives the body the best it can offer, while leaving a minimal impact on the environment. We also understand the interconnected, global ecosystem of modern society, and believe that water education will help people to lead more informed and purpose-driven lives. Won’t you join us?

We’d love to hear the topics that our community is interested in. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter by using #MitteWaterStories and stay tuned for the first article of the series.

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