News By Moritz — Date 08.29.2018

Announcing our first investment round of $10.6 million

I am extremely excited and humbled to announce Mitte’s latest development: our $10.6M seed round with Danone Manifesto Ventures, VisVires New Protein Capital and Kärcher New Venture.

It’s a time to dream big, and at the same time, to reflect and be grateful.

This funding comes two years into our existence, which will allow us to double down on final engineering efforts to bring our offer to the market. Ultimately, it will enhance our mission of improving lives with healthy water, as well as end the global dependency on plastic bottles.

I’d like to sincerely thank my co-founders, Faebian and Karan, the incredible Mitte team, our initial investors, such as Christophe Maire of Atlantic Food Labs, as well as our crowdfunding backers. In essence, everyone who was willing to take a leap of faith and support Mitte. I also want to thank our new partners, in particular Jeff Hurel from Danone Manifesto Ventures, Matthieu Vermersch from VisVires New Protein Capital and Florian Weber from Kärcher New Venture. Together, we will continue our momentum forward.

As you may expect, the past two years have been exceptionally productive, complex and packed with a lot of hard work. This is typical for a startup, especially one heavy into research, development and hardware innovation. There were difficult moments, but the resilience of our team, along with the strong belief in our common goal of improving lives with healthy water, pulled us through. This strength and passion forms the fabric of our culture that will continue to carry us into the future.

For those of you who are new to Mitte, our story begins in mid-2015, when the founders came together for a project named “Himmelwasser,” German for “heavenly water.” As we evolved, we collectively decided on a name which was more aligned with our mission. We incorporated under the name Mitte, which stands for “center” and “balance” in German, as well as the name of our neighborhood in historic Berlin.

My co-founder and now CTO, Dr. Faebian Bastiman, explored various methods of water purification and mineralization. Inspired by the natural water cycle, Faebian worked to replicate that process, laying the foundation for Mitte, which was founded a year later.

And we’ve been up to a lot since then. The curiosity, drive and dedication of the Mitte team since day one has propelled us forward. They bring expertise from fourteen countries around the world, perspectives that are crucial to the development of a premier product, as well as insight for understanding global consumers.

Few things bring me greater joy than taking a walk through our lab and office, discovering the amazing projects and problem-solving that are going on in parallel. You will find the digital team setting up our Cloud Back-end, water scientists taking samples of the latest mineral tests, the hardware team testing a water quality sensor and product design discussing the surface structure with our UX and Design lead. It’s a collaborative and energetic environment.

The support of our Kickstarter backers marked early success and recognition, with our project overfunded by 360%. Their unwavering support and shared excitement on the launch of our project helped further concrete our belief that access to safe tap water is a growing concern, even in places such as Europe and the United States.

I strongly believe that with new challenges, such as the presence of microplastics, hormonal and medical residues in our drinking water, that our offer will be increasingly relevant to a large number of people around the world.

From Kickstarter and Indiegogo to our current seed round, there have been many developments since our founding in 2016; this is especially true regarding our evolution over the past year.

What’s next for Mitte? More specifically, how will the funding and insight from our new partners foster our journey?

The following image is a slide from our pitch deck, which we used to fundraise for this round. I would like to openly share it with the Mitte community, as I believe it shows best what we have set out to do and what we and our investors believe in.

This is a crucial time for Mitte, as we continue to work tirelessly to deliver our first systems by next summer and expand our team in Berlin.

Again, to the team, our investors and crowdfunding backers, thank you.

Moritz, CEO

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