A recap: Hardware nation – Distribution, launch, and traction!


On March 28, we brought together some leaders and advocates in the local hardware scene for Hardware nation, an event that celebrated everything hardware.

The focus for the evening was on building hardware companies.

Our speakers for the night included Mathieu Caudal, (Co-founder and Growth at unu), Alexis Houssou (Co-founder and President of Hardware Club),
Karan Sarin (Co-founder and CMO of Mitte), and Heather Corcoran (Outreach Lead at Kickstarter).

Organized by Mitte in collaboration with Samsung NEXT, this installation of Hardware nation explored the challenges in building and running hardware businesses.

Watch our video below for highlights of #HardwareNation. Learn firsthand from experts in the industry who have a wealth of insights on how they have built, tested, and refined distribution strategies for their hardware products.


We look forward to having you at our next event!

By Mitte Team — Apr 23, 2019
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