Improve Mental Wellness with Mineral Water


Did you know that adequate hydration is key to achieving optimal mental health?

When one experiences water loss of just one to two percent, the symptoms of mild dehydration start to quickly develop. Instantly, cognitive performance is altered for the worst.

Dehydration, no matter how small, has negative impacts on all areas of the body, especially the brain – and by default, the mind, which now needs to work harder to perform simple tasks.

The consumption of mineral water, and water in general, is helpful to avoid the pitfalls of dehydration, which include headaches, anguish, confusion, tiredness and even seizures.

While we’ve looked into the proper hydration for athletes and the benefits of mineral water in adulthood in the past, we now focus on how water consumption impacts mental wellness:

Organized Thinking

The brain is upwards of 80% water, and while water consumption is critical to our overall survival as a species, it is key to ensure that individual mental functions occur without fail.

“Our brains depend on proper hydration to function optimally. Brain cells require a delicate balance between water and various elements to operate, and when you lose too much water, that balance is disrupted,” says Dr. Joshua Gowin. “Your brain cells lose efficiency.”

By having a few glasses of mineral water throughout the day, this helps to offset the unsavory ills associated with dehydration, such as impairment of short-term memory and the ability to recall long-term memory, in addition to the impact on mental arithmetic. The latter is used when judging time, such as whether you’ll be late for school, work or an appointment.

Elimination of Toxins

The consumption of pure mineral water helps to expedite the removal of toxins from our bodies. Nutrients, which travel from our cells and organs via water, are also assisted.

If left within the body, toxins (or any foreign bodies) not removed have the ability to cause both short and long-term damage, which may cause concerns such as fatigue, weight gain, aches & pains, adverse skin reactions, constipation and even newfound sensitivities to scent.

When the brain is fully hydrated, the process regarding the exchange of toxins and nutrients is more efficient, allowing for better concentration and improved mental alertness. The removal of toxins also has other wellness benefits, such as weight loss and helps with graceful aging, as the reduction of wrinkles and glowing skin helps improve self-esteem.

Clear Water & Clear Mind

Many doctors and nutritionists suggest having a large class of water right as you wake for the day. Other beverages like coffee, soda, energy drinks, juice and other liquids are going to have different impacts on your body and mind, and that pure mineral water is the best option.

Why? The calorie and sugar count of other drinks take a toll, especially when one consumes various non-water drinks throughout the day with limited exercise.

The selection of mineral water right off the bat helps to start your morning on two positive notes: not only is this allowing for your brain to be energized and run at full capacity, but choosing water over other (sugary and dehydrating) options is also better for physical health.

With a clearer mind, this is ideal for problem solving and relationship building, in addition to helping derail depression and other mental anxieties.

Long Term Mental Health

With the dire consequences seen at the day to day level, it’s easy to see how prolonged dehydration and lack of continuous mineral water consumption can add up over the years.

As the most essential substance on our planet, it can either be a friend or foe, depending on your relationship and how the liquid is incorporated into your life.

Research finds that dehydration is a known factor in dementia, and the proper consumption of water may reduce the risk of a handful of diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Of course, one may not always be within arms reach of mineral water (let alone water that is clean and pure), but as one moves on in life, make sure to consider the importance of the daily and long-term benefits of water consumption.

By Mitte Team — Oct 18, 2019
The information contained in this article is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as health or nutritional advice.

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