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With a growing team in the heart of Berlin, the Mitte office – located on the multicultural border of Kreuzberg and Neukölln – is a place filled with diverse ideas and perspectives.

Throughout the workday, it’s not uncommon to hear conversations in English, German, French, Spanish and Polish. Our bustling office, spread across three floors in a renovated factory, is a homage to the entrepreneurial spirit that has long remained in Germany.

With a team of fifty people from two dozen countries, our employees have come together for an important purpose: to build sustainable hydration solutions for everybody.

For some staff, the diverse environment was a motivator to relocate to an unknown country for a new job opportunity – both big changes in their own right, especially during an era of global nationalism and a pushback on immigrants in general, no matter the country of origin.

Thiébaut, originally from France, started last year as a Senior Research Engineer. He views Berlin as a global community brimming with folks who are unhappy with the status quo; in short, people working in earnest to change the things that they do not consider fair or right.

“One of the reasons that motivated me to join Mitte was its international team. I believe that great ideas, as well as a good working atmosphere, comes from diversity,” says Thiébaut.

He sums it up: “Diversity of cultures, diversity of backgrounds, diversity of opinions.”

At Mitte, members of our team have the flexibility to pursue a balanced lifestyle while dealing with their responsibilities at the company. For example, employees are able to take advantage of German language classes, discounted metro and gym passes, a yearly learning budget and other perks, such as flexible working hours and company-wide lunches and outings.

“Although we’re an international team, we’re very German at our core,” says CEO Moritz. “By this, I mean the fundamentals of what the world thinks of when they reflect on German-made products: quality, reliable and especially important in the year 2020 and beyond, sustainable.”

The latter, sustainability, is a particularly important topic amongst staff, and for some, it is one of the reasons they joined Mitte in the first place.

Recently, team members from various departments came together voluntarily to form a committee, known internally as the “Green Team.”

The aim of this group is to measure and decrease the carbon footprint of our company by reviewing, amongst others, internal travel and recycling policies. Educational movie nights focusing on climate change and the environment, as well as do it yourself workshops to alleviate the use of plastic, are also organized by the team throughout the year.

“It is wonderful to work for a company where making environmentally conscious actions seems like business as usual, which is not the norm,” says Monica, a founding member from the product team. “It is clear that Mitte has attracted a pool of individuals that are concerned about the environment and want to create a positive impact through their work.”

Other activities, such as our in-house water sommelier training, also take place. At the end of last year, our CMO Karan, himself a trained sommelier, led about two dozen staff on a journey where participants analyzed taste, smell, mineral content, chemical properties and other factors important to water. Attendees came from across all departments, allowing Mitte staff to get a further understanding of our fundamental goal: mineralized water for all.

Later this year, we hope to expand the training program to the Mitte community in the Berlin metro.

As we head further into this new decade, we will continue to utilize the skills and diverse history of our team members from around the world. Please get in touch if you’d like to join us.

By Mitte Team — Feb 19, 2020
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