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Instead of running to meetings spread throughout the Berlin office and having informal coffee chats with his new colleagues, Jan Wergin, our Chief Technology Officer as of April, is adjusting to a new normal.

“While it would have been ideal to have face-to-face interaction, I appreciate my team is able to work efficiently in the virtual realm,” says Jan. “Starting during the coronavirus is a unique challenge, but working for a startup, there will always be unique challenges. I’m ready for it.”

Unprecedented times? Yes. But Jan does not see the coronavirus derailing our developments, although he is aware that all companies will experience disruption. It’s up to us all to work collectively, he says, as the interconnected nature of our world is even more apparent now.

As people deal with the aftermath that COVID-19 has on their respective countries, regional water concerns will only continue to incubate before coming to a head.

Jan, who hails from Germany, is no stranger to the CTO role – having served in similar positions at Booking.com, and most recently, Native Instruments, where he led a team of 150 engineers located across the world. His global experience with both hardware and software teams was a big draw, as well as his history of bringing complex products to the market.

In his decision to join Mitte, Jan has noted that he has always been drawn to industries and companies that tend to disrupt, including his time spent at technology giant Microsoft and collaborating with Opel, a German auto manufacturer, to launch a car-sharing service.

Water, what he considers the most valuable resource on our planet, has continued to fascinate him over the years, making Mitte and him a perfect match in vision and mission.

“It’s exciting to be at Mitte because we own the full stack – from hardware to software to chemistry. This allows us to own the end to end ecosystem and deliver a seamless user experience.”

For him, an interest in disruption, technology and culture has inspired him in other ways – such as being a self-proclaimed “computer kid,” working away on his Commodore 64 and obtaining a PhD in Germanics, which has helped him view his work through cultural lenses.

When asked about one of the most important qualities needed for leading a hardware startup such as ours, he was quick to reply: “precision.” A trait, no doubt, that has served him well over the years.

By Mitte Team — Apr 14, 2020
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