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As the saying goes, “the beat goes on.”

That’s not to underwrite the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, but it’s to focus on how life – no matter how fragmented in the future – will continue onward.

With life, comes work. And since the middle of March 2020, our work has been remote. That means that the half-dozen new team members who began during this time, including our CTO Jan Wergin, started with the first digital onboarding at Mitte.

“While it would have been ideal to have face-to-face interaction, I appreciate my team is able to work efficiently in the virtual realm,” says Jan.

“Starting during the coronavirus is a unique challenge, but working for a startup, there will always be unique challenges. I’m ready for it.”

And that sentiment is echoed through our new recruits, including Andy, part of the software engineering team originally from Mexic. He started during the first day of mandatory home office, and like others at Mitte, is based in Berlin – which is currently a little sleepy due to the coronavirus regulations.

Our new team members have been active in our digital hangout sessions – which are not as ideal as in-person networking, but serve as fillers until all companies are able to get back into the swing of things. Andy, although new, already has office bragging rights – he won the top prize during our inaugural Friday pub quiz – which, of course, was digital. We hope to carry this on once we return to the office.

Although we’ve had positives, the sentiment, from employees old and new, is a return to normal.

“Working remotely makes it a challenge to truly connect with your colleagues,” says Andy.

“But since everyone is always at the computer, I could always expect quick replies when I had a question,” allowing for a productive and helpful workflow.

Ozren, who joined recently as our Agile Coach, notes how his role  is all about connecting and working with people. However, he finds it hard to start creating the connection from the beginning virtually, without knowing staff personally.

“This is definitely a great challenge to me, but it has actually been exciting to deal with,” says Ozren.

“I am definitely trying to move the limits of my creativity and find ways to engage with people and collaborate as we’re not together in the office.”

Anton, our new Senior Product Manager, is no stranger to remote work. In the past, these digital working situations were needed for his teams as folks were on different continents. However now, he says, it’s a bit of a different situation.

“Some of my colleagues are just a few blocks away and getting to know each other in person is just limited by this invisible danger. That feels very strange,” says Anton, who hails from Germany.

“Especially as I have also chosen Mitte as my employer because of the great initial connections and interactions with the team.”

He is grateful for the digital perks, such as team lunches zia Zoom and remote drinks, but similar to Jan and Andy, he’s eager to get into our central office space full-time.

“I am really looking forward to being back in the office,” he says.

By Mitte Team — Apr 30, 2020
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