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[From left to right] Jan (CTO), Karan (CMO), Johannes (COO), Moritz (CEO).

C-suite, senior execs, leaders – otherwise known as Mitte’s Moritz, Johannes, Karan and Jan. 

Whatever you’d call a company’s C-level, there’s often an air of curiosity that surrounds those who lead a company. In Mitte’s case, our C-level are those who have developed and continue to lead the team from the ground up. 

So we decided to ask each of them a few questions, quickfire style, to get a closer insight into their day-to-day. And, of course, to find out what their favourite Mitte Water would be. 

1. In one sentence, what do you do at Mitte?

Jan: Alongside very talented engineers and scientists, I help bring Mitte’s vision to life. We develop and build Mitte’s beautiful devices and cartridges to give mineralized water to everyone.

Johannes: My job is to get finance and operations ready for take-off. 

Karan: In one sentence? My role is to build a long-lasting consumer brand that lives between tech, lifestyle and wellness. 

Moritz: I guess two things: I make sure we build things that matter to the user and the planet, and secondly, I make sure the teams have all the resources they need to make our vision become a reality. 

Moritz (CEO)

2. What’s your favorite task of the day?

Jan: Opening my calendar in the morning and taking a look at who I get to talk to, work with and learn from on that day.

Karan: Usually it’s learning more about our users. So: their hydration preferences, needs, etc. 

Johannes: I much enjoy observing and contributing to the daily progress we are making in turning our vision into a fully functional, beautiful product.

Moritz: It’s not quite a task but I like it when I first enter the office during the day and walk through the door, which has a big sign hanging above saying “better than before”. It’s almost a mantra for me: to take lots of small steps every day towards a bigger goal.

3. Carbonated water or non-carbonated? 

Moritz: Carbonated, mostly.

Karan: I’m a recent sparkling water convert.  

Jan: Definitely non-carbonated. I burp easily.

Johannes: Carbonated, but only in the city and non-carbonated, freshwater when out in the Alps. 

Johannes (COO)

4. The biggest challenge at work? 

Johannes: Probably the growing pains of a fast-growing company. There’s so many great new people coming in left and right, and sometimes it makes me feel I can’t always have proper contact with everyone. 

Moritz: Knowing and feeling when it’s important to be hands-on and actively manage and support…and when it’s time to be hands-off and let the team (or teams) solve topics by themselves.  

Karan: Well, Mitte is creating an entirely new product category and building a new category isn’t for everyone…it takes vision, audacity and it comes with its own set of challenges. For example, how do you get potential customers to understand exactly what you’re doing?

Jan: I started with digital onboarding so the biggest challenge for me is only ever seeing half of a person through video call!

5. Why Mitte? What drives you to be at Mitte?

Jan: The people and the vision.

Karan:  It’s a really diverse group of people. We’re all working to build the kind of company we can all be proud of – one that will have a positive impact on sustainability and health.

Johannes: For one, the product: I like the idea of creating your own sustainable source of water. And then the people: I have never worked with so many people driven by such an intrinsic motivation. 

Moritz: I love how essential water is. I find it fascinating to potentially have a big impact on how we consume water and our planet’s resources, because the sector has seen very little innovation since the 60s, when the plastic bottle was invented.

Also, I do have a love for a really good user experience, so, design, haptics and user interfaces. 

And overall, creating a holistic product like we are doing – as complicated as it is – is a very rewarding process. 

6. Any hidden talents? 

Jan: I am a Flautist at heart.

Moritz: I do like baking…not sure I’m very talented at it.

Johannes: I am a fairly passionate mountaineer, if you can call that a talent.

Karan: As a certified water sommelier, I also wear the hat of official water-taster at Mitte!

Karan (CMO)

7. The best thing about Berlin? 

Moritz: Everyone can truly be as they are. 

Johannes: The people living here. 

Jan: The lakes surrounding Berlin.

Karan: To quote David Bowie: “Berlin is the greatest cultural extravaganza”…or something like that. But it’s true, it has such a unique feel to it. 

8. Biggest win at work?

Johannes: My team – and I mean it. 

Karan: There have been many, but the most gratifying was to see so many potential users support our first Kickstarter campaign. This was great validation at the time.

Jan: Working every day to get everyone into ship-mode.

Moritz: Believing in our vision and actually sticking to it. And the team: I have never worked with so many truly brilliant, humble people who have such a strong value set. 

9. If you could dream of any Mitte water cartridge, which one would you like to come out in the future?

Johannes: One that has the taste of water coming from the Alps.

Jan: Orange-Lemongrass. 

Moritz: I’m into road cycling, so I would love one that’s really high mineral to keep me going. 

Karan: I’d like to see a Mitte CBD Water cartridge. Good for wellness.

10. Last book you read?

Karan: Medieval Technology and Social Change by Lynn White

Moritz: Jack Kerouac, On the Road 

Johannes: P.G. Wodehouse, My Man Jeeves

Jan: Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Jan (CTO)

11. Working at Mitte is ___?

Moritz: Rewarding, but also the most challenging thing I have done so far in my life. 

Jan: Working at Mitte makes me sparkle! 

Johannes: Refreshing, like Mitte Water.  

Karan: I heard Johannes’ answer before and all I can say is, ditto.

By Lauren — May 22, 2020
The information contained in this article is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as health or nutritional advice.

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