Developing Mitte’s Circular Mineral Cartridge: Meet Our Technical Project Manager, Hélène

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Mitte’s commitment to innovation and sustainability played a key role in Hélène’s decision to join the Product Creation team in 2019.

As a Technical Project Manager, Hélène not only helps drive the development of our mineral cartridge from concept to launch but also ensures there are circularity and recycling measures in place from the outset.

Read on to find out more about Hélène’s journey to Mitte, her biggest challenge yet, and what she likes most about working at Mitte.

First off, tell us a bit more about yourself?

I originally come from France, specifically from the countryside of Lyon which is known to be the French city of gastronomy. I decided to move to Germany – first Hamburg and then Berlin –  to finish my studies and then start my professional career. And for now, I haven’t felt like going back to France yet!

My main hobby is yoga – I am actually currently doing a yoga teacher training course on the weekends. I am also very interested in all DIY products, from cosmetics to cleaning products.

Aside from that, another hobby of mine is scuba diving, I even tried in a Berlin lake! It is so peaceful to be below water surrounded by aquatic life, it is a sort of mediation for me.

How did you discover Mitte and what made you want to join?

As I was looking for new challenges, I decided to orient my research towards the startup scene. I was looking for a dynamic startup specifically to do with green energy, or a startup working towards developing solutions for a more sustainable way of living. I discovered Atlantic Food Labs and then, of course, Mitte. 

Looking at the open positions, I found out that Mitte was looking for a project manager to develop the Mitte mineral cartridge, which is a position that combines project management with knowledge in chemistry – with a background in chemical engineering and project management, this was the perfect match for me!

How would you describe your role in one sentence?

In one sentence, I ensure that the development of the Mitte cartridges is on track. This is done in a cross-functional and methodical way: I set clear goals and tasks for each sprint and quarter for the development team based on our timeline and roadmap (this is done closely with Anton, the Product Owner of the team), and I also facilitate the activities and discussions with the manufacturer of the cartridges.

“Developing a circular system for our Mitte Mineral Cartridge and ensuring our waste production is minimized is really important to me.”

Tell us about a day in the life of a Technical Project Manager at Mitte?

Every day starts with the team standup where every team member says what they are going to do that day and flag any blockers or dependencies hindering their work. My role here is to remove all impediments for the team. Then depending on the day, I have some weekly check-ins with the Operations or Quality team, or with the development team to discuss the status and progress on topics like mineralization or circularity, or on the manufacturing of the cartridge.

Is there any project you like working on in particular?

Circularity. I am really interested in developing solutions that can positively affect the transition of our economy and industry to a more sustainable way of producing and consuming. Developing a circular system for our Mitte Mineral Cartridge and ensuring our waste production is minimized is really important to me.

What’s the best thing about working at Mitte?

The people. I never worked in such an environment. Everyone has their own personal story, character and skills. But above all, everyone is highly talented and motivated. I am sometimes still intimidated! Actually the best thing is this combination: excellence but always with humor, there is rarely a meeting without a good joke.

Which parts of your job do you find most challenging?

The Mitte Mineral Cartridge will be the first product I am bringing to life, so as it is the first, I am constantly learning during these industrialization steps. This can be challenging in that, personally, I always like to be one step ahead and would eventually like to be more proactive on these topics. The team is a good mix though: we have people with specialized experience in this area who I can learn from and grow with.

What’s your biggest achievement at Mitte so far?

My work at Mitte is always challenging me and pushing me further on a day-to-day basis. So actually, because of that aspect – and this might seem strange to say – my time at Mitte is my longest professional experience yet! In other roles I just didn’t feel challenged enough, but my role here really offers the new challenges I need. Not a single day is the same.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I am a very bad singer.

Did you always want to become a Technical Project Manager?

Well, I originally studied chemical engineering. I loved my studies but spending all my days in the lab wasn’t enough for me, which is not so good for an aspiring chemist! That’s why I decided to do one more year of study where I also learned project management skills that I could apply for a project where chemistry would be a major topic. The best of both worlds.

What career advice would you give your younger self, if you could go back in time?

Follow your intuition and be confident in your choices. Even if the path is sometimes pretty unclear, every choice is here for a reason and will make you grow and learn to reach the next upcoming steps. At first all these bricks don’t seem to be connected but then finally a wall starts to take shape, and it is even better looking than what you could have imagined!

When you’re not at work, how do you recharge?

Yoga, every day. Whatever has happened at work, even in the most challenging days, after my daily practice, my mind is reset and refueled for the following day. 

Last but not least, how do you stay hydrated?

Tea in the morning. Water during the day – cold is essential. Still most of the time, and sparkling with a good dinner. 

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By Carmen — Jan 27, 2021
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