Ensuring Product Reliability and Life Expectancy: Meet our Quality Engineer, Alexandros

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Alexandros, who joined Mitte’s Hardware Team in early 2019, started out as a Testing Technician to perform and analyze testing on the Mitte prototypes. Today, he designs those tests, coordinating their quality, reliability and robustness alongside our external partners. 

Read on to learn more about Alexandro’s journey to Mitte, his biggest challenge yet, and what he likes most about Mitte.

Let’s start with an interesting fact about yourself? 

I was a volunteer in my free time for quite a few years. I came to love meaningful projects for children, communities, or people in general. Currently, I do not participate actively in any, as work and studies take a big portion of my time. But it is something I would like to do once again.

How did you find your way to Mitte? 

It was an application via a hiring platform, followed by a phone call from Benjamin, the Hardware Lead at the time. That was it. The team? Great! The product? Innovative. And I could feel the potential of Mitte. It was one of my goals when I came to Berlin: to be part of a dynamic, vibrant, and creative team.

How would you describe your role in one sentence? 

When I started at Mitte in mid-2019, the only open vacancy was for a testing technician to take care of prototypes. The time passed quickly and I am currently owning the reliability of our carrier. Basically discovering how our products will behave as they serve our users for weeks, months, and years. Of course, there are other smaller side projects regarding quality topics that we have to address, and that depends on the development phase we’re in at the time.

What does a typical work day look like at Mitte for a Quality Engineer?

Most of the time it starts with alignment meetings for the progress, with internal and external stakeholders. Then jumping to the tasks that have priority for the day. The main goal is to unravel any small problems that come up during the interaction with our device and boost the product with the utmost trust, for us and our users. So, it is important to design a way to track these issues, whilst combining the experience of experts in the development teams and the status of the project. Then, organize the proper actions to address these issues and create documentation for every step until the next set of results. 

“Everything we do with my team solves, prevents or improves aspects of the product or the company itself.”

Every part of the process is critical and might drive changes in the end product. If you take into account that this happens for the first time at Mitte, it requires us to balance many dependencies and communication internally as well as externally, with all the partners that are closely supporting us to reach our goal.

Is there any project you like working on in particular?

One of the projects that fascinates me is the life expectancy of our product. How even simple parts when combined, create a dynamic relation that affects and is affected by their surrounding environment. And you have to understand and discover these relations before they happen in real life, kind of a “fortune teller” process that’s engineered with facts and numbers.

What do you love most about your work at Mitte?

Definitely my colleagues. Being among talented professionals with amazing experiences to share! In my opinion, the first stone for success is a collaborative and supportive team.

Which parts of your job do you find most challenging?

Working for the future and not the present. Everything we do with my team solves, prevents or improves aspects of the product or the company itself. However, the end results are seen and measured after weeks or months have passed. It needs a lot of resilience and to set priorities many times every day as the product evolves.

What’s your biggest achievement at Mitte so far?

Will you allow me to pivot the question and tell you when I feel good about my work instead? I feel good when I help a colleague learn, use or find out a new idea, tool or method that makes their work more efficient and reliable.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? 

My family is full of innovators, either in their field or life aspect. And because of this stimulus, I also tried to create a platform for people who are innovators and inventors, lacking networks to back them up. It did not succeed at that time but, who knows what will happen in the future.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Truth be told I wanted to be an Astronomer. I used to sit with my grandmother watching the sky for weird phenomena while eating pizza! In a city’s sky, there are not many chances to see anything except planes, though the pizza and company were exceptional! As I grew up, it was important for me to put my mind to projects and at Mitte, I am happy to do it from this position.

What brought you to Berlin and what is the biggest difference between your hometown Thessaloniki in Greece and Berlin?

I came to Berlin to widen my horizons and experience more than my beautiful hometown could offer. The start-up scene and the popularity of this city definitely played a big role. 

Actually, I booked tickets for Berlin before I had any contact with the city. By comparing the two, a huge list of differences pops up. I can tell you Thessaloniki is a place with many faces and it depends on you how you will experience it. Definitely, the sea is the first difference, it is not flat with many nice views of mountains or sea and the size of the city is many times smaller. The options you have are not numerous as in Berlin, but you can find unique places and people if you search a bit.

Last but not least, how do you stay hydrated? 

A lot of coffee, tea and filtered still water to stay hydrated! 😉

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By Carmen — Feb 16, 2021
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