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Healing with Water: Balneotherapy in East Central Europe

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Health Nov 20, 2020
7 Takeaways From Our Sports Hydration Webinar

For our recent webinar, we brought together three fitness professionals to talk all about sports hydration. Our lively expert panel welcomed Alex Hipwell (Nike Master Trainer), Adelle Tracey (professional 800m athlete), and Julia-Sarah Hennig (nutrition expert and fitness trainer at ...

Health Oct 8, 2018
Healthy Habits for Autumn

This past summer, we had the privilege of hosting Hannah Pehlgrimm, an experienced herbalist and natural practitioner, for Health from the Inside Out: Intersection of Water & Hormones. As our first Facebook AMA, we explored various hormonal health problems, as ...

Health Aug 23, 2018
How safe is tap water in the United States?

There is currently historic debate regarding the quality of tap water in the United States. “In general, the water quality in the U.S. is very good,” Stuart Batterman, a professor of environmental health sciences at the University of Michigan, recently ...

Health Jul 25, 2018
Therapeutic ways to incorporate water into your life

There are unbounded situations where our interaction with water inspires personal enrichment for the mind, body and soul. In our hyperconnected reality of 2018, this proves especially important. While hydration and cleansing are more common uses, water can also be ...

Health Jun 29, 2018
From macro to micro: Global cultural moments for local action

Being part of a bigger community allows for people with similar values to come together through cohesive and more localized actions. This micro-to-macro idea is an extension of the “Think globally, act locally” concept, urging individuals to consider the health ...

Water Aug 16, 2017
The decline of soda

Over the last 20 years, sales of soda in the United States have plummeted by more than 25 percent, with per capita consumption falling to a 31-year low. Soda consumption, which rocketed from the 1960s through 1990s, is now experiencing ...