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11 Quickfire Qs With Our C-Level

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Mitte News Apr 30, 2020
Mitte Shifts to Digital Onboarding

As the saying goes, “the beat goes on.” That’s not to underwrite the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, but it’s to focus on how life – no matter how fragmented in the future – will continue onward. With life, comes ...

Mitte News Apr 23, 2020
Our Manifesto: Behind the Scenes

One of the big questions that tends to crop up for a company is how to make business growth and sustainability go hand in hand.  And as a purpose-driven team, it’s probably one of the most important topics we concern ...

Mitte News Apr 14, 2020
Our new CTO, Jan Wergin

Instead of running to meetings spread throughout the Berlin office and having informal coffee chats with his new colleagues, Jan Wergin, our Chief Technology Officer as of April, is adjusting to a new normal. “While it would have been ideal ...

Mitte News Mar 25, 2020
Women: Driving Mitte Forward

Some may say it’s hard to be a woman in the technology field today. Others note that it’s hard to be female in general. But hard doesn’t necessarily translate to impossible. For many women around the world, things may be ...

Mitte News Feb 19, 2020
Life at Mitte

With a growing team in the heart of Berlin, the Mitte office – located on the multicultural border of Kreuzberg and Neukölln – is a place filled with diverse ideas and perspectives. Throughout the workday, it’s not uncommon to hear ...

Mitte News Mar 13, 2019
Mitte brings you Hardware nation – an event celebrating everything hardware

Before diving into the complexities of launching and distributing a hardware product, let’s all agree on this universal truth: Hardware is hard. While many have succeeded in letting their fantastic products see the light of day, most never make it. ...

Mitte News Sep 7, 2018
The no BS approach to getting into German Accelerator

Following our successful acceptance into their Class of Fall 2018 we thought we’d compile our insights from our application experience, and share them with startups that would like to qualify for it.   German Accelerator is an acceleration program German ...

Mitte News Aug 29, 2018
Announcing our first investment round of $10.6 million

It’s a time to dream big, and at the same time, to reflect and be grateful. This funding comes two years into our existence, which will allow us to double down on final engineering efforts to bring our offer to ...