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Mitte News Sep 7, 2018
The no BS approach to getting into German Accelerator

Following our successful acceptance into their Class of Fall 2018 we thought we’d compile our insights from our application experience, and share them with startups that would like to qualify for it. German Accelerator is an acceleration program German Accelerator ...

Mitte News Aug 29, 2018
Announcing our first investment round of $10.6 million

It’s a time to dream big, and at the same time, to reflect and be grateful. This funding comes two years into our existence, which will allow us to double down on final engineering efforts to bring our offer to ...

Water Mar 20, 2018
The microplastics threat and what we’re doing about it

A study published by Orb media, a non profit journalism organization based in Washington, D.C., in the last quarter of 2017 revealed that 83% of tap water samples collected around the globe contained microplastics. The highest rate was found in ...

Mitte News Feb 28, 2018
Mitte’s first community event

Besides having a fantastic time, it was also an important milestone for us – it was the first time we met our early supporters and backers in person, and received valuable insights and feedback from them. During the event, our ...

Water Jan 30, 2018
The top 5 water stories of 2017

These stories not only cement the paramount role that water plays in our lives, but also highlight the changes that we would need to commit to so as to improve water quality and availability for everyone. Below, you will find ...

Water Jan 22, 2018
Raw water is risky, treated water is dead, so what’s the solution?

TIME, The Telegraph, Business Insider, The Guardian, and more, have highlighted that the rise of untreated water startups selling raw water is attracting those with misgivings about tap water treatment processes and additives. Consumers are paying over $20 a gallon ...