Meet the Panelists: Four Design Leads Talking About the Future of Smart Home Products

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Technology Jan 19, 2021
Meet the Panelists: Four Founders Talking About the Future of Smart Home Products

In the first of a two-part event series, we are bringing together four panelists for a conversation about what smart home products mean today. Topics covered include: where at-home smart products are heading and how they might be leading the ...

Technology Sep 30, 2020
Behind the Scenes: How We 3D Print for Rapid Prototyping

“It’s hard to imagine developing hardware without a 3D printer. It’s not only an agile way of prototyping, it’s also sustainable.” – Darren, Product Design Engineer Dental fixtures, bike parts, performance-boosting shoe soles, and – in Mitte’s case – engineering ...

Water Nov 12, 2018
[Part 2] The ultimate comparison of different water purification systems

As detailed in our previous post, most home-use water purification methods comprise of physical, chemical, and more often than not, a combination of both methods to purify water. It’s also apparent that countertop distillers (with an active carbon stage) are ...

Water Oct 31, 2018
[Part 1] The ultimate comparison of different water purification systems

Each home-use water system in the market advertises their latest features and trendiest technologies. After awhile, the amount of information gets immensely overwhelming. Filters? Reverse osmosis? Ultraviolet? Ultrafiltration? How many types of water purification methods are there? And what are ...

Technology Feb 23, 2018
Interview with Boris Milkowski: On design thinking, a hybrid agency model, and the future of connectivity

As one of the early members of Goodpatch in Tokyo, Boris helped to grow the team to over 100 designers and developers. In May 2015, he moved back to Germany after spending 3 years in Tokyo to open the Berlin ...

Water Feb 13, 2018
Other water-related technologies and inventions that inspire us

The world’s water crisis is in full force. Approximately 844 million people around the world still lack basic access to safe drinking water – 90% of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, according to the World Health Organization’s latest ...

Water Jan 4, 2018
Interview with Christophe Maire, a mission-driven investor in food tech space

With over 20 years of experience as a founder and also investor, he plays a prominent role in the rise and growth of diverse startups in the city. He founded Atlantic Labs, a Berlin-based seed investor dedicated to identify and ...

Technology Nov 20, 2017
Involving community in product innovation and development

We are almost at the finish line with our crowdfunding campaign. It has been an amazing journey and the response has completely exceeded our expectations. We are positively overwhelmed with all the support and suggestions received, and we thought that ...