Woman drinking flask of water at lake

Effects of Hydration: The Journey of Water Through Your Body

It takes 120 minutes for your body to fully absorb any water you’ve swallowed and the effects of hydration to crystalize. We follow the course of water’s journey through your body, tracing its pitstops and the gains it serves.

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camel walking across the desert
Water Apr 14, 2021
The Weird & Wonderful Hydration Habits of Wildlife

We share a dependence on water with all other life that cohabitates our planet. However, as French polymath Pierre Beaumarchais famously pointed out, what distinguishes humans from other animals is drinking when we are not thirsty.  Humans have adopted some ...

person in space suit in water during sunset
Water Mar 9, 2021
Will the Cosmic Colonizers of the Future Drink Water?

Life on our planet is inextricably linked to the abundance of water resting in a liquid state. For a long time, we believed that this existential resource was available exclusively on Earth. However, there are actually huge quantities of H2O ...

bottle of water and crystal
Water Mar 2, 2021
Truth or Tale? Putting Water Fads Under Scientific Scrutiny

Can you make a glass of cold and clean water anymore restorative than it already is? Water has figured into a myriad of recent wellness fads claiming to elevate this essential part of our lives to another level.  Is it ...

Closeup of a woman touching her face
Water Feb 19, 2021
Is Mineralized Water the Path Towards Great Skin?

Hydration is frequently cited as the quickest route to great skin. Ask practically any celebrity what they do to achieve their beautiful complexion and they will inevitably answer, “drinking lots of water.” Water consumption is often glorified for its role ...

A woman leafs through a book next to the water
Water Feb 9, 2021
Books that reveal our lives are defined by water

Many of us are in the midst of yet another lockdown. Unable to travel, sometimes even outside the confines of our city block, we’ve been escaping through the pages of books. In fact, book sales have surged since the lockdowns ...

Water Oct 26, 2020
Water Transparency: What’s in Your Beverage?

Once through the entire brewing process, a typical beer will be composed of 90-95% water.  For juice from concentrate, where water is removed before transportation and added in at a later stage, that would be approximately 85% to 90%. Despite ...

Water Jul 31, 2020
Diving Into Water Contaminants: Microplastics

The image of a beach littered with plastic is unfortunately not a new one. It’s one that highlights how ubiquitous plastic is on our planet and notably points to plastic’s pervasive counterpart: microplastics.  Microplastics seem to be everywhere, literally swimming ...

Water Jul 31, 2020
The Best Water for Your Plants

If you think plant care is only about how watered your plant is, you’re missing out. Knowing the kind of water you should be using can be just as important in getting your plants to bloom. And it depends on ...