How to Pair Mineral Water With Wine

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Water May 7, 2020
A Closer Look at Nature’s Water Purifiers

From chemicals to plastics, it’s no secret pollutants end up contaminating streams, lakes, rivers and oceans worldwide, making water toxic both for the long-term ecosystem, and humans.  According to the World Health Organisation, at least 2 billion people worldwide drink ...

Water Apr 27, 2020
Disappearing Borders: The Effects of Rising Water Levels

Part of what water emphasises is just how much influence it has over every aspect of life.  Drinking water is an obvious example, the scarcity of which, can often force communities to literally pack up their things and migrate, in ...

Water Apr 9, 2020
From Rock to Spring: Five Regions Creating Unique Mineral Water

It’s hard to believe mineral water drawn from the source is just that: ready to drink, straight from the source. And what’s more, how each drop is not only naturally filtered and pure, but characterized by specific minerals it’s picked ...

Water Mar 31, 2020
An Overview of Tap Water in London

The city of London has been a leading capital for hundreds of years. It’s famed for a lot – food, architecture, culture –  but is its water considered top of the line? While those in the United Kingdom are considered ...

Water Mar 31, 2020
Staff reflection on how water situation has changed in South Africa, Brazil, India & Mexico

Throughout the world, societies have one thing in common: a water problem. That’s being general, as concerns such as pollution, contamination and mistreatment are a leading list of critical issues that governments need to address. As our diverse staff hail ...

Water Mar 31, 2020
Water Ownership: Who Does Water Belong To?

Isn’t water already everyone’s? Turns out, not quite. Whilst there is a lot of water that’s accessible to the public, much is privatised, owned and bottled. We’ve come a long way since Perrier first cemented the moment when bottled water ...

Water Mar 25, 2020
Tap, Distilled, Mineral, Spring, Coconut: Which Waters Do What?

As far as beverages go, water might be the one that fares pretty low on the list of drinks we actively think about – at least for those who have easy access to basic drinking water.  It’s something that’s ingrained in ...

Water Mar 13, 2020
“Sprudelwasser, bitte!”: An Introduction to German Water Culture

“Mit oder ohne?” If you’ve ever ordered water in Germany, you’ll be familiar with this restaurant scenario. The waiter arrives at your table, you ask for water, and they respond with a very crucial question: would you like your water ...