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The benefits of drinking water before bedtime

Find out why drinking water before bed is important for your health.

Water is a fundamental source of life, and also the healthiest drink available. Drinking sufficient quantities of water is crucial for our bodies to properly function, yet many of us do not reach the recommended daily amount. Often people believe that if they don’t feel thirsty, they don’t need to drink another glass of water. The truth is, however, that drinking water when you don’t really feel like doing it is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself.

It’s a pretty standard routine to shower and brush our teeth before bed. While we remember to refresh our bodies after a long and tiring day, it’s not necessarily top of mind that our insides would likewise appreciate a refresh. Perhaps you already know that you should drink one glass of water before going to bed––and if you don’t, let’s lay out all the benefits of doing so.

It promotes sleep

Drinking a cold glass of water before bed might help you fall asleep quicker. That’s because thanks to it, your body is able to stabilize its hormone levels as well as restore its vitamin and nutrient levels. It also helps muscles and joints to balance and relax, meaning that your body can restore itself naturally. By drinking cold water just before your sleep, your body will feel rested and you’ll awake energized the next day.

It cleanses and hydrates your body

Drinking warm water, on the other hand, improves digestion and detoxifies your body. As warm water increases blood circulation, it breaks down waste and makes you sweat more, removing toxins, excess salts, and allowing your skin cells to cleanse. Regardless if it’s hot or cold, water hydrates your body while you are asleep.

It burns calories

Having a glass of cold water before you go to bed also allows your body to burn more calories than it would otherwise. As your body needs to make an extra effort to warm up water, it will burn calories you provided it with the day before. If you want to lose that extra weight, then complementing your healthy lifestyle with drinking plenty of water is the way to go.

All in all, drinking water before bedtime will help you feel more relaxed, healthier, and fitter. A glass of water might seem insignificant, but in the long term, it will have a visible and real impact on your body.

By Mitte Team — Feb 5, 2018