Purification Efficiency, Mathematical Modelling and Patenting: Meet Our Senior Research Engineer, Thiébaut

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Budapest Thermal Spring spa
Health Jan 7, 2021
Healing with Water: Balneotherapy in East Central Europe

East Central Europe has been marked by the social, cultural, scientific significance of their natural mineral and thermal waters. For centuries, inhabitants of this region have given the utmost credence to their salutary powers, drinking and bathing in thousands of ...

Mitte News Dec 17, 2020
Analyzing Mineralized Water: Meet Our Water Scientist, Stefanie

When Stefanie joined in late 2016, it’s safe to say Mitte was still in its infancy: Stefanie was one of the first team members and built up the water lab from scratch. Today, she runs both the organisation of the ...

Health Nov 20, 2020
7 Takeaways From Our Sports Hydration Webinar

For our recent webinar, we brought together three fitness professionals to talk all about sports hydration. Our lively expert panel welcomed Alex Hipwell (Nike Master Trainer), Adelle Tracey (professional 800m athlete), and Julia-Sarah Hennig (nutrition expert and fitness trainer at ...

Mitte News Nov 13, 2020
Recruiting Top Talent: Meet our Talent Acquisition Manager, Natia

Originally hailing from Georgia, a country famed for its distinctive water, Natia came to Berlin in late 2019 to join Mitte’s People & Culture team.  She has since helped scale Mitte from 30 to over 60 team members in just ...

Mitte News Oct 29, 2020
Building The Mitte Home: Meet our Mechatronics Engineer, Amr

Three years ago, Amr moved from Amman to Berlin to join Mitte and its mission to reinvent the way we drink water at home. Driven by his passion for optimizing functionalities and processes, and his strong skills in designing and ...

Sustainability Oct 27, 2020
Why We Are Carbon Neutral

As of the last few months, we are proud to say we are officially a carbon-neutral company. This is an exciting milestone for us at Mitte, particularly because it ties into the promise we set out in our Manifesto.  We ...

Water Oct 26, 2020
Water Transparency: What’s in Your Beverage?

Once through the entire brewing process, a typical beer will be composed of 90-95% water.  For juice from concentrate, where water is removed before transportation and added in at a later stage, that would be approximately 85% to 90%. Despite ...

Mitte News Oct 2, 2020
Putting People First: Catching up With Our New Head of People & Culture, Judith

It’s only been four months since Judith joined the People & Culture team and she has already left her mark.  With her passion for people, her experience in talent development and her drive to champion people projects, she not only ...