Hydration for women

This is the Rhythm of our Lives: A Comprehensive Guide for Women’s Hydration

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Water Jul 22, 2021
Water as Art: 5 Artworks Turning Water from Motif into Medium

Water is the essential prerequisite for life. It is, therefore, no wonder that it has always been such a potent source of inspiration as well as a central motif in artistic practice.  Paintings depicting seas, rivers, and even swimming pools ...

Thirst Desert
Water Jun 11, 2021
Dry as The Sahara: Exploring the Concept of Thirst

Thirst is the way our brains let us know that it’s time to stop whatever we are doing and drink a big glass of water. What is the first symptom of thirst? Most likely that bone-dry, parched sensation in your ...

Contaminated water from fracking
Water Jun 2, 2021
Radioactive Water to Mining & Fracking Effluent: What Happens to Contaminated Water?

Our dependence on water is not merely physiological; a myriad of production processes require water to maintain safe conditions. Once it has come into contact with dangerous chemicals and unstable radionuclides, what happens to contaminated water? Technological advances across industries ...

Water May 19, 2021
Nature & Invention: Is there a difference between artificial or naturally carbonated water?

It seems like humans have always enjoyed a bit of bubbly. Over the centuries, we’ve indulged in many different beverages naturally carbonated through the fermentation process, including beer, cider, and champagne. Turns out many among us also love our carbonated ...

Technology May 10, 2021
Meet the Panelists: Four Design Leads Talking About the Future of Smart Home Products

In the second of our two-part event series, we are bringing together four design leads for a conversation about how we will interact with future smart home products. Topics we will cover include: the way in which at-home products are ...

Sustainability May 10, 2021
The Morality of Materials: Using Plastic in Design

Product design loves plastic––or so it seems after half a century of electing the wondrous material to a ubiquitous presence (and permanence) on Earth. Why is the use of plastic so prevalent in design? It’s a matter of utility: Cheap, ...

Archive Photo of Panama Water Engineering WondersCanal Water Engineering Wondersw
Water Apr 22, 2021
Water Engineering Wonders: Changing The Course of Civilizations

Historically, water has always been both a vital resource and an obstacle; oftentimes, the greatest challenge was finding a secure source. The downfall or success of civilizations throughout history has depended on water resources. Ancient civilizations laid the foundation for the ...