Water Hardness in the United States

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Water Oct 25, 2019
The Relationship Between Water & Weight Loss

The weight loss industry is booming, worth an estimated $72 billion in the United States alone in 2018. With the wide variety of special diets, gimmicky exercise plans, weight loss surgeries, supplements and gadgets available to help you become a ...

Water Oct 18, 2019
Improve Mental Wellness with Mineral Water

Did you know that adequate hydration is key to achieving optimal mental health? When one experiences water loss of just one to two percent, the symptoms of mild dehydration start to quickly develop. Instantly, cognitive performance is altered for the ...

Water Oct 18, 2019
Choosing the Right Water for Baby Formula

Any parent wants what is best for their child, and this is particularly true when you have a young baby. Whether it’s carefully selecting a top-of-the-line crib or the most comfortable eco-friendly brand of diapers, we all put plenty of ...

Water Oct 7, 2019
Cooking with Mineral Water

The knowledge regarding the benefits of mineral water during food preparation is spreading. A growing number of chefs around the world incorporate mineral water into their cuisine in order to improve taste, quality and appearance. From Italy to Australia to ...

Water Oct 14, 2019
The Curious Study of Water Consciousness

We are aware that water has many scientific properties. It is a chemical certainty that water has polarity, cohesion, surface tension, among other properties; these have all been long-standing theories proven by mainstream science.   However, there is an emerging school ...

Water Oct 8, 2019
Why Aren’t We Desalinating More Seawater?

It is no secret that clean water is one of the most precious resources we have.  Exponential population growth (especially in low-rainfall areas) has contributed to a severe depletion of freshwater and groundwater resources worldwide. According to the U.S. Geological ...

Water Sep 25, 2019
Total Dissolved Solids & Water Hardness

Do you know the difference between total dissolved solids (also known as TDS) and water hardness? As the two are closely related, we were inspired to compare these overlapping aspects of water. Let’s start with TDS, which is the combined ...

Water Sep 18, 2019
Historical Roots of Mineral Water

The history of mineral water is intertwined in our narrative as a species. As civilization developed at different corners of the world, the human race found ways to incorporate water into their existence. Both personal and communal, activities were focused ...