Meet the Panelists: Four Design Leads Talking About the Future of Smart Home Products

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Sustainability May 10, 2021
The Morality of Materials: Using Plastic in Design

Product design loves plastic––or so it seems after half a century of electing the wondrous material to a ubiquitous presence (and permanence) on Earth. Why is the use of plastic so prevalent in design? It’s a matter of utility: Cheap, ...

Archive Photo of Panama Water Engineering WondersCanal Water Engineering Wondersw
Water Apr 22, 2021
Water Engineering Wonders: Changing The Course of Civilizations

Historically, water has always been both a vital resource and an obstacle; oftentimes, the greatest challenge was finding a secure source. The downfall or success of civilizations throughout history has depended on water resources. Ancient civilizations laid the foundation for the ...

Mitte News May 4, 2021
Introducing: The Mitte Beta Community

We started this journey in 2016 with the mission to empower people to take control of their drinking water and clean up the water industry. We are now fast approaching our launch of Mitte Home––but, before we share it with ...

Mitte News Apr 15, 2021
Working From Anywhere: Redefining How We Approach Work

Corona has been dictating our lives here in Berlin (and everywhere else) for quite some time now. Everyone probably remembers those first weeks and months of the pandemic and how it not only affected our personal lives, but also our ...

Woman drinking flask of water at lake
Water Apr 20, 2021
Effects of Hydration: The Journey of Water Through Your Body

Is there anything more delicious than a drink of water when you’re parched? The water floods into your mouth, tickling your taste buds and moistening the back of your throat. The relief feels instantaneous; you can veritably feel the effects ...

camel walking across the desert
Water Apr 14, 2021
The Weird & Wonderful Hydration Habits of Wildlife

We share a dependence on water with all other life that cohabitates our planet. However, as French polymath Pierre Beaumarchais famously pointed out, what distinguishes humans from other animals is drinking when we are not thirsty.  Humans have adopted some ...

Made of Air Black plastic Facade Panels
Sustainability Mar 26, 2021
Towards A Circular Future: How to See Garbage Through New Eyes

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation defines a circular economy as an “economic system that aims to keep products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value at all times.”  This lays in stark contrast to the reality of our current ...

Mitte News Mar 18, 2021
Understanding User Behaviour and Needs: Meet Our Senior User Researcher, Clare

Fascinated by Mitte’s human-centric approach to products, Clare moved from Dubai to Berlin to join our Product team in early 2020. As the first and only User Researcher at Mitte, Clare has not only set up the entire user research ...