Video: Meet the Mitte Home Prototype

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bottle of water and crystal
Water Mar 2, 2021
Truth or Tale? Putting Water Fads Under Scientific Scrutiny

Can you make a glass of cold and clean water anymore restorative than it already is? Water has figured into a myriad of recent wellness fads claiming to elevate this essential part of our lives to another level.  Is it ...

Closeup of a woman touching her face
Water Feb 19, 2021
Is Mineralized Water the Path Towards Great Skin?

Hydration is frequently cited as the quickest route to great skin. Ask practically any celebrity what they do to achieve their beautiful complexion and they will inevitably answer, “drinking lots of water.” Water consumption is often glorified for its role ...

Mitte News Feb 16, 2021
Ensuring Product Reliability and Life Expectancy: Meet our Quality Engineer, Alexandros

Alexandros, who joined Mitte’s Hardware Team in early 2019, started out as a Testing Technician to perform and analyze testing on the Mitte prototypes. Today, he designs those tests, coordinating their quality, reliability and robustness alongside our external partners.  Read ...

A woman leafs through a book next to the water
Water Feb 9, 2021
Books that reveal our lives are defined by water

Many of us are in the midst of yet another lockdown. Unable to travel, sometimes even outside the confines of our city block, we’ve been escaping through the pages of books. In fact, book sales have surged since the lockdowns ...

Mitte News Jan 27, 2021
Developing Mitte’s Circular Mineral Cartridge: Meet Our Technical Project Manager, Hélène

Mitte’s commitment to innovation and sustainability played a key role in Hélène’s decision to join the Product Creation team in 2019. As a Technical Project Manager, Hélène not only helps drive the development of our mineral cartridge from concept to ...

Places soon underwater because of climate change
Sustainability Jan 21, 2021
The Next Atlantis: Places Soon Underwater

The island of Atlantis is a fitting fable for the predicament many places face as ocean levels rise globally as a result of global warming. However, the tale has more parallels than a body of vulnerable land merely disappearing beneath ...

Technology Jan 19, 2021
Meet the Panelists: Four Founders Talking About the Future of Smart Home Products

In the first of a two-part event series, we are bringing together four panelists for a conversation about what smart home products mean today. Topics covered include: where at-home smart products are heading and how they might be leading the ...

Mitte News Jan 14, 2021
Purification Efficiency, Mathematical Modelling and Patenting: Meet Our Senior Research Engineer, Thiébaut

In search of new and exciting projects in the Berlin hardware startup scene, Thiébaut came across Mitte back in 2018 and soon shifted from freelance consultant to full-time member of the Hardware team.  Passionate about solving complex technical issues, it’s ...