Unequal Water Rights in California

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Water Aug 22, 2019
The Significance of Water Consumption

Fluid intake for humans is a vital. As some say, it’s the source of life. With billions of people spread across various landscapes with diverse environments and temperatures, nobody has exactly the same desire or requirement regarding hydration. By understanding ...

Water Aug 8, 2019
Is there an ideal sports water?

What does it take to be an athlete? Talent, dedication, sportsmanship and sacrifice may come to mind. But would you consider hydration to be vital for success? ...

Water Jul 26, 2019
Decoding Water Footprints

Almost everything on our planet, with minor exceptions, utilizes water in one way or another. In addition to hydration, there are endless ways in which humans use water. ...

Water Jul 4, 2019
The History of Water Chlorination

In the late nineteenth century, public water systems began to develop throughout the world. Of course, attempts at water transportation and sanitation have occurred since the dawn of civilization. However, the increased growth of cities, particularly in America and Europe, ...

Water Jun 26, 2019
The Lead Crisis in Newark, New Jersey

As the largest city of New Jersey, Newark is still mostly known as a gritty, blue-collar port; a reputation that has remained relatively the same over the past few decades. Founded in the late 1600s by Puritans, it’s one of ...

Water Jun 7, 2019
Mitte Celebrates World Oceans Day

On Saturday, June 8, World Oceans Day takes place. An observed event for close to three decades, #WorldOceansDay has been an effort to regulate the increasing global climate, as well to influence change against the dangerous tide of destruction that ...

Water May 23, 2019
The Safe Drinking Water Act of the United States

In 1974, the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) was enacted to safeguard the protection of tap water in the United States of America. The act is an instrumental federal law that ushered in a new era for Americans: one that ...

Water May 7, 2019
Carbonated Water: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re shopping in person like it’s 1984 or ordering from a monopolistic delivery service, it’s easy to see the diverse range of water varieties available to consumers in 2019. These carbonated alternatives are in addition to tap water (if ...