How to Pair Mineral Water With Wine

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Mitte News May 22, 2020
11 Quickfire Qs With Our C-Level

[From left to right] Jan (CTO), Karan (CMO), Johannes (COO), Moritz (CEO). C-suite, senior execs, leaders – otherwise known as Mitte’s Moritz, Johannes, Karan and Jan.  Whatever you’d call a company’s C-level, there’s often an air of curiosity that surrounds ...

Water May 7, 2020
A Closer Look at Nature’s Water Purifiers

From chemicals to plastics, it’s no secret pollutants end up contaminating streams, lakes, rivers and oceans worldwide, making water toxic both for the long-term ecosystem, and humans.  According to the World Health Organisation, at least 2 billion people worldwide drink ...

Mitte News Apr 30, 2020
Mitte Shifts to Digital Onboarding

As the saying goes, “the beat goes on.” That’s not to underwrite the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, but it’s to focus on how life – no matter how fragmented in the future – will continue onward. With life, comes ...

Water Apr 27, 2020
Disappearing Borders: The Effects of Rising Water Levels

Part of what water emphasises is just how much influence it has over every aspect of life.  Drinking water is an obvious example, the scarcity of which, can often force communities to literally pack up their things and migrate, in ...

Mitte News Apr 23, 2020
Our Manifesto: Behind the Scenes

One of the big questions that tends to crop up for a company is how to make business growth and sustainability go hand in hand.  And as a purpose-driven team, it’s probably one of the most important topics we concern ...

Mitte News Apr 14, 2020
Our new CTO, Jan Wergin

Instead of running to meetings spread throughout the Berlin office and having informal coffee chats with his new colleagues, Jan Wergin, our Chief Technology Officer as of April, is adjusting to a new normal. “While it would have been ideal ...

Water Apr 9, 2020
From Rock to Spring: Five Regions Creating Unique Mineral Water

It’s hard to believe mineral water drawn from the source is just that: ready to drink, straight from the source. And what’s more, how each drop is not only naturally filtered and pure, but characterized by specific minerals it’s picked ...

Water Mar 31, 2020
An Overview of Tap Water in London

The city of London has been a leading capital for hundreds of years. It’s famed for a lot – food, architecture, culture –  but is its water considered top of the line? While those in the United Kingdom are considered ...