Mitte Home Plus

Create your own mineralized
water at home, just like nature.

Mitte Home Plus is the first of it’s kind smart home water system that purifies and enhances water through a process inspired by the natural water cycle. It works in two simple steps: first, it purifies water with a proprietary distillation-based method, then it enhances the purified water with essential minerals.

Our Technology

Diving into the science of better water

Icons on this panel gives you feedback on operating and maintaining mitte® in a non-intrusive manner.

There are hot and cold options so you can dispense mitte® water at a temperature that you prefer.

mitte® sends data to your app so you experience more control and interaction here. It tracks usage and automatically sends you a new mineral cartridge when you’re running low.

Our patent-pending device distills and purifies water to an unprecedented degree. It performs consistently in the long term with fail-safe mechanisms and requires no replacement over time.

Personalise your drinking water based on your lifestyle and taste, with cartridge options that enhance pure, distilled water with different ingredients and mineral levels.

They continuously measure the quality of water and mineral cartridge usage, so you always get the same excellent results without running out of healthy water*.

Interaction Panel

Icons on the display panel give you feedback on operating mitte in a non intrusive manner. They notify you to descale and change cartridges whenever required.

Dispense Button

The wooden dispense releases cold or hot water, just a your finger tips

Connected app

mitte sends data to your app so you experience a deeper layer of user interaction here. You can track hydration levels over time, and automatically receive fresh new mineral cartridges when you’re running low.

Purification System

Complete cleansing of tap water takes place via evaporation and condensation at our patent-pending heat pump, giving you the purest water possible..

Mineral cartridge

Personalize your water for health, sports, hot beverages, and more, with cartridge options that vitalize pure, distilled water with varying mineral levels.

Smart Sensors

Our patent-pending device distills and purifies water to an unprecedented degree. It performs consistently in the long term with fail-safe mechanisms and requires no replacement over time

The dirty truth about tap water

The truth is that our tap water is not as clean as we might like to think. It can contain contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, hormones, nitrates, fluorides, heavy metals, microplastics and much more.


Viruses are a major cause of human waterborne and water-related diseases, some of them include adenovirus, hepatitis A and E viruses, and rotavirus.


Pesticides and herbicides often find their way into groundwater or surface water from agricultural uses. They can be very toxic to humans and are capable of persisting in the water supply for years.


In the last decade, traces of pharmaceuticals have been reported in the water cycle, including surface waters, wastewater, and drinking water.


Like pharmaceuticals, some of these substances are very difficult to filter out of tap water by public water facilities and they persist in the supply for long periods. Researchers first became concerned after noticing fish with both male and female characteristics due to hormones in water.


Tap water contains bacteria such as E. coli despite the filtering and disinfection that occur in water treatment plants. In fact, most of them can be traced to filters used in the water treatment process.

As pure as it gets


than pitcher


than Reverse
Osmosis systems

4x More
energy efficient

than other home

Used by the WHO as an indication of water quality, we refer to the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) present in water, expressed as parts per million (ppm). It is the total amount of mobile charged ions – minerals, salts or metals – that are dissolved in a given volume of water. The smaller the TDS value, the purer the water.

As a form of comparison, tap water has an average TDS value of 350 ppm while pure, distilled water is at 1ppm. After purification, Mitte water has a TDS value of 2 ppm. We produce perfectly distilled water that is many times cleaner than reverse osmosis and other simple filtration appliances.

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Mineralized to perfection

Mitte water is not only safe, but also mineralized. After purification, Mitte enhances your pure water with essential minerals.

Mitte uses a mineral cartridge to replicate the process that occurs in nature when water flows through rocks. Mitte distilled water flows through the different layers of our cartridge and slowly picks up essential minerals.

Mitte offers 3 different cartridges, with different ingredient combinations, which create remineralized waters with different characteristics, pH, TDS and taste.

Potassium silicate

These mineral balls are rich in natural potassium, silicates, calcium and magnesium.

Maifan stone

Special mineral rock rich in micronutrient elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, manganese and other trace minerals which are good for your body.


Corosex’s magnesium oxide slowly dissolves in water and enhances it with magnesium, an essential mineral for your body. It also corrects the pH by neutralizing free carbon dioxide in water.


Naturally occurring form of calcium carbonate (main component in limestone) that lightly infuses water with calcium and corrects acidic pHs.

Activated coconut shell carbon

Its extreme porosity makes it perfect for removing smells and bad tastes in water, as well as chlorine and other volatile organic compounds.

Your water is now
as smart as your phone

The Mitte machine is part of a connected ecosystem.
Mitte syncs up with the mobile app to further personalize the experience,
giving you additional control and insights.

Take control of your
drinking water

We appreciate your interest in Mitte.

We are driven to reinvent the way we drink water at home. We are currently in the production phase, and will release Mitte products in limited batches to ensure the quality and performance of each unit.

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