Turn your tap water into purified mineralized
sparkling water.

Man holding a Mitte Water bottle and pouring water into a glass

Purity you can taste

Double filtered for enhanced purity.

Enhanced with minerals 

Inspired by the natural water cycle, our water is lightly mineralized for a clean fresh taste.

Person about to choose the preferred water on the Mitte Home.

Enjoy still or sparkling 

Choose from three levels of carbonation. Serenely still, lightly sparkling, or brilliantly bubbly. 

Mitte Home is out of stock. The next batch will drop soon.

Designed and
made in Germany


Berlin 2019

Our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany to the highest industry standards.

Better water 
for a better planet.


Berlin 2019

Our technology is designed to replace single-use bottled water — leading to less plastic waste entering our oceans.

"Mitte Enables You To Make Bottled Mineral Water At Home"

"Mitte wants to sell you your own bottled water operation"

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Turn your tap water into purified, mineralized, still or sparkling water.

In the box

Mitte Home 

Mitte Balance Cartridge - Makes 250 liters

Mitte PET Bottle - Capacity of 860ml

CO₂ Cylinder - 425g CO₂

Mitte Home is out of stock.
The next batch will drop soon.