Improve your life with better water

Meet mitte®: The first of its kind connected appliance that unites water purification with mineralization, giving you personalized and healthy water right in your home.

As powerful and natural as the water cycle

Input water Various contaminants - from bacteria and viruses to organic compounds such as hormones - potentially find their way into our tap water. This first enters as input into the mitte® machine.
In nature, surface water such as oceans and rivers are polluted by industrial, agricultural and domestic waste.
Vaporization Tap water is vaporized through heat at this stage. Pure H2O vapor forms and is carefully channeled away. All impurities and contaminants are left behind.
With the warmth of sunlight, surface water evaporates into water vapor.
Condensation Water vapour condenses into pure, distilled water in the machine.
Evaporated water molecules cool down as they rise, condensing into water droplets and forming clouds in the sky, which then fall as rain.
Mineralization The distilled water is enriched via a mineralization cartridge that provides you with all the essential minerals you need. You can choose cartridges with varying mineralization levels to personalize your daily drinking water. The result: perfectly, balanced mineral water.
Rain and surface water flows through rocks and collects minerals on its path.

Drink your water the way it's meant to be

mitte® We took our inspiration directly from nature - harnessing its power and packing its benefits into one smart, powerful mitte machine.
Safe With mitte® you never have to guess: our machine is 60X safer, more reliable, and purifiers water to an unprecedented level. We are above and beyond safe - you can be certain of that.
Healthy Healthy water is comprised of clean and mineralized water. mitte® first cleanses tap water to an unmatched degree, then enhances it with all the essential minerals that you need. This is the healthiest, personalized water that you can have.
Innovative We are pushing the envelope of water purification with our patent-pending distillation technology. You can also use the connected mitte® mobile app as your control center.
For a good cause With each litre of water that you dispense from the mitte® machine, a donation is made to a water project in the developing world.