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mitte® Create your own mineralized
water, just like nature

60x Cleaner

than filtered


with essential


to your lifestyle
and tastes



Mitte is the first of its kind smart home water system that purifies and enhances water through a process inspired by the natural water cycle. It works in two simple steps: first, it purifies water with a proprietary distillation-based method. Then, Mitte makes the water not only pure, but also healthy* by enhancing it with essential minerals.

Healthy water* is not just what you take out.
But what you put back in.

Water can be an essential source of minerals for the human body, and many minerals have higher bioavailability in water than in food, such as calcium and magnesium. However, other water purification systems remove important healthy minerals in water along with the contaminants, creating water that’s only pure, but not healthy.

Mitte solves this problem by using mineral cartridges to replicate the process that occurs in nature when water flows through rocks, picking up minerals along the way. This unique process adds back all the minerals and trace elements that other water purifiers remove, giving you water that’s not just clean, but also healthy*.

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Bottle your own water,
for a fraction of the price.

250 liters

of pure mineralized water
per cartridge


plastic bottles

With Mitte in your kitchen you have your own bottling facility for mineralized water at the push of a button. Our replaceable patent-pending mineral cartridges come in three varieties, creating waters with different mineral properties. Now you can personalize your water to suit your lifestyle and taste.

Each cartridge produces 250 litres of healthy water*, enough to last around 2 months for a two person household.

Your water is now
as smart as your phone

The Mitte machine is part of a connected ecosystem. Mitte syncs up with the mobile app to further personalize the experience, giving you additional control and insights.

Free the world
from plastic bottles.

30x less
plastic used

grams per litre of water

28x less carbon

kg of CO2 per litre of water

20x less water

ml wasted per litre of water

The insatiable demand for bottled water is a huge problem. Plastic bottles are finding their way into the human food chain and polluting every natural system on the planet. A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021, creating an environmental crisis that will be as serious as climate change.

Mitte eliminates the need for plastic bottles, leading to a fundamental reduction in plastic waste, water waste, and carbon dioxide emissions.

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We appreciate your interest in Mitte.

We’re a young startup driven to reinvent the way we drink water at home. We are in the production phase now, and will release Mitte in limited batches to ensure the quality and performance of each unit.

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