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Refurbished Mitte Home:
Make your favorite water for less.

+++ Limited supply only +++

Make water, not waste.

Sustainability to us means developing products that last a lifetime. And giving new life to those devices that have been sent back to us – in perfectly good condition to create great-tasting water.

Shop these limited refurbished devices at the best price. Give Mitte a second home.

Meticulously cleaned.
Consciously repaired.

Every Refurbished Mitte Home gets a complete overhaul – for a fully functional watermaker with brand new consumables.

Refurbished devices come in a “very good condition”. They might, however, exhibit some very minor cosmetic imperfections, such as scratches or marks.

Starter Kit with new cartridge, CO₂ cylinder and PET-bottle

All components that come in contact with water are replaced entirely

Verified sparkling technology

Reset to factory settings

Get your Starter Kit for €299.99
How your water maker is refurbished:

STEP 1: Replacing components

Any parts of your Refurbished Mitte Home that have come in contact with water are exchanged with completely brand-new ones.

How your water maker is refurbished:

STEP 2: Manual testing

All Mitte devices undergo rigorous inspection with full functional testing by our service technicians.

How your water maker is refurbished:

STEP 3: Thorough cleaning

Then each Refurbished Mitte Home is cleansed, reset to factory default and updated with the latest firmware.

How your water maker is refurbished:

STEP 4: Careful repackaging

Once reset, the refurbished device is packaged in a recycled box and shipped to you free of charge.

A water maker like no other.

Mitte Home Soda Makers Pitcher Filters Bottled Water Tap Water
Filtration Double
No Extra
No Extra
No Extra
Reduction of
Yes No Yes
Reduction of
Heavy Metals
Yes No Yes
Reduction of
Yes No Yes
Reduction of
Yes No No
Yes No No No No
Carbonation Still
or Sparkling
Only Still Still
or Sparkling
Only Still
Sustainability Less
Lots of
No Waste
Taste Choice of
4 taste options
Choose from
many options
Smart App &
Smart Refills
Not Smart Not Smart Not Smart Not Smart

Starter Kit with Refurbished Mitte Home


incl. VAT

You get the Mitte Home Starter Kit. It contains:

1 Refurbished Mitte Home device

your 3-in-1 water maker

1 Mitte Balance cartridge

filters and mineralises approx. 250 litres of water

1 CO₂ cylinder

сylinder for carbonation & for better mineral uptake

1 water bottle

860 ml PET bottle

Refurbished Mitte Home come in “very good condition”, get tested for full functionality again and are thoroughly cleaned. Our standard 2-year warranty and 30-day return and refund policy applies. Discount codes are not applicable.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee for using the Mitte app?

There is no extra fee to sign up and to use the Mitte app. You only pay for the Mitte cartridges and Mitte CO₂ cylinders you order.

Can I change my cartridge selection for subscription?

Yes, you can change your cartridge refill selection 30 days prior to your next cartridge refill. Please contact our Customer Success team support@mitte.co with any change requests.

When will I be charged my monthly subscription fee?

Your first fee will be charged with your first order. Your subsequent monthly subscription fees will be charged 1 calendar month from the delivery date of your Mitte Home starter Kit.

Eg. You purchase the Mitte Water Subscription 01/01/23 from our webstore, this will be your first charge. The Mitte Home Starter Kit is delivered to you 04/01/23. Your next monthly subscription fee will be direct debited 04/02/23.

What are the terms and conditions of Mitte Water Subscriptions?

What payment methods are available for Mitte Water Subscriptions?

The Mitte Water Subscription is charged by direct debit from your selected credit card or Paypal account.

What is the best-before date for Mitte cartridges?

All Mitte cartridges have a best-before date of 180 Days starting from cartridge activation. Although cartridges can be used past 180 Days, we can only guarantee optimal mineralization and filtration for this period. It is for this reason that we do not recommend using the cartridge after the 180 Days best-before date.

Mitte Water app users can find the best-before date displayed in Cartridge & CO₂ tab, as seen in the image below:

When the best-before date for the inserted cartridge has passed, and you press one of the water selection buttons, the LED on top of the device will show a fast white and orange alternating pulse and the cartridge LED will blink three times.

Please note: Earlier Mitte Home firmware versions also have a cartridge shut-off, full details of cartridge shut-off can be found in our "What is cartridge shut-off?" help centre article. We recommend keeping your device firmware up to date at all times to assure the best functionality. Please contact our Customer Success team if you require assistance with updating your firmware.

What is the cancellation policy for the Mitte Water Subscription?

Customers can cancel their Mitte Water Subscription anytime within the first 30 days no questions asked.

After the trial 30 day trial period ends, customers agree to the following minimum contract period, depending on the selected subscription package.