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Refurbished Mitte Home:
Make your favorite water for less.

+++ Limited supply only +++

Make water, not waste.

Sustainability to us means developing products that last a lifetime. And giving new life to those devices that have been sent back to us – in perfectly good condition to create great-tasting water.

Shop these limited refurbished devices at the best price. Give Mitte a second home.

Meticulously cleaned.
Consciously repaired.

Every Refurbished Mitte Home gets a complete overhaul – for a fully functional watermaker with brand new consumables.

Refurbished devices come in a “very good condition”. They might, however, exhibit some very minor cosmetic imperfections, such as scratches or marks.

Starter Kit with new cartridge, CO₂ cylinder and PET-bottle

All components that come in contact with water are replaced entirely

Verified sparkling technology

Reset to factory settings

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Full warranty

Get the same 2 year protection with our waterproof warranty.

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Try a Refurbished device at home with our money-back guarantee.

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How your water maker is refurbished:

STEP 1: Replacing components

Any parts of your Refurbished Mitte Home that have come in contact with water are exchanged with completely brand-new ones.

How your water maker is refurbished:

STEP 2: Manual testing

All Mitte devices undergo rigorous inspection with full functional testing by our service technicians.

How your water maker is refurbished:

STEP 3: Thorough cleaning

Then each Refurbished Mitte Home is cleansed, reset to factory default and updated with the latest firmware.

How your water maker is refurbished:

STEP 4: Careful repackaging

Once reset, the refurbished device is packaged in a recycled box and shipped to you free of charge. Complimentary return label included.


Filter, mineralize and sparkle water – at home.

Whether it’s a refurbished or new device, Mitte Home makes tap water taste great.

The cartridge inside sends your water through an active carbon filter and hollow fiber membrane to purify it, before layers of rock mineralize it.

Choose to enjoy it still, slightly sparkling or boisterously bubbly. All at the push of a button.

Insert the Mitte Home Balance Cartridge.

Fill the tank with water from the tap.

Choose your carbonation preference - still, lightly sparkling or intensely effervescent.

Press the dispense button to make your fresh water.

Once filled, remove the bottle and enjoy.

A water maker like no other.

Filtration Double Filtered No Extra Filtration Ion Exchange No Extra Filtration No Extra Filtration
Mineralization Calcite & Magnesite No Mineralization No Mineralization Mineralized No Mineralization
Carbonation Still or Sparkling Only Sparkling Only Still Still or Sparkling Only Still
Sustainability Less Waste Less Waste Less Waste Lots of Waste No Waste
Taste Perfectly Balanced Slightly Sour Usually Flat Balanced Varies Greatly
Smart App & Smart Refills Not Smart Not Smart Not Smart Not Smart

Starter Kit with Refurbished Mitte Home



Includes VAT

Your remade watermaker for filtered, mineralized, still or sparkling water.

1x Refurbished Mitte Home incl. app 

1x New Balance cartridge to filter and mineralize 300 bottles

1x New PET-Bottle of 860ml

1x New CO₂ Cylinder with 425g CO₂

Refurbished Mitte Home come in “very good condition”, get tested for full functionality again and are thoroughly cleaned.

Our standard 2-year warranty applies. Discount codes are not applicable.

Group Delivery time 7-10 business days